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Little shock and ore

The 2023 Mining, Metals, and Minerals Global Reputation Report offers a rare glimpse into the sector’s standing, revealing a critical juncture for its public image.

Fuels rush in

electricity cables

Should energy companies assume more responsibility for their impact on society – and show people what they’re doing to meet their expectations? Read our take on this.

Apathy in the UK


Find out what’s happened to the reputation of the UK’s energy sector since 2021.

A tricky transition

Our new report on the reputation of the US energy sector reveals divisions in people’s attitudes to clean energy.

A tale of two reputations

Our latest energy sector reputation report provides a snapshot of an entire industry – but it also includes rankings of the industry’s best-known companies.

What’s In a Name?

Caliber Logo

Learn more about Caliber’s logo and how it symbolises the integration of “brand” and “reputation,” emphasising the need for a unified approach to brand and reputation management in modern business.

Scrambled X

Scrambled X Feature Image

Twelve months after Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter – the microblogging social platform he later renamed X – we assess what US stakeholders make of its reputation.

Taking the Mickey

Taking the Mickey - Disney Reputation

The Walt Disney Company is a century old – but are perceptions of its reputation also worth celebrating?

Reputation on the skids

Our survey reveals that the strike against America’s Big Three automakers is already harming their reputation.