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Strategic business insights
for B2C enterprises

Unleash the power of real-time stakeholder perception data. Know exactly what people want and use the information to build a stronger corporate reputation.

B2C reputation challenges

In order to remain competitive in today’s markets, B2C enterprises must take proactive measures concerning reputational management.

Product quality issues

Intense competition

Ability to innovate

Bad publicity

Poor data security

Information leaks




Diversity & inclusion

To remain relevant and attractive to customers, employees and influencers – companies must navigate these challenges in an informed and agile way.

Use stakeholder insights to build a resilient reputation

Harness the power of stakeholder perception data to better inform your business strategy and resource allocation.

Build credibility

Consumers prefer to buy from companies they trust, and are more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. Build trust and boost loyalty by acting on stakeholder insights in real time.

Attract dedicated talent

Corporations with better reputations find it much easier to attract skilled employees who share similar vision and values.

Optimize activities and budgets

Assess how perceptions of target audiences change as a result of your activities as they are implemented. Learn how to adjust messages, channels and targeting to maxmize impact.

Prevent and manage crises

Look out for patterns that signal danger, act fast and see the impact of the actions you're taking in a matter of days.

Global Energy Reputation Report 2023

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