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We use online market research panels provided by our research partners worldwide, where people pre-subscribe to receive surveys.

From this pool of potential respondents, we select those with the right demographic background who have not participated in any recent brand and reputation studies.

Respondents that are sufficiently familiar with the companies being rated are allowed to participate in our survey and are rewarded with points that can later be exchanged for goods and services as part of the ongoing panel program managed by our research partners.

We only cooperate with the largest and most well-known panel providers that meet all ESOMAR standards.

The price of an annual subscription to the Caliber platform starts at €8000€ (or $8,700) and varies depending on how many companies are monitored and their familiarity levels, the volume of weekly interviews, how many countries are included in the monitoring package, and the level of reporting and advisory services desired. This means that the more benchmarks and countries you want to include in the monitoring package, the pricier it would be. Speak to us about your specific needs to get a more accurate quote – our pricing structure is flexible, transparent and modular, which gives you full control of the overall price based on the specifications and components you choose.

All organizations with a national familiarity level of 3% and above can be measured. Low-familiarity companies tend to be measured at a lower weekly sample, providing less frequent statistical validity. High-familiarity companies are typically recommended a tracking setup with a higher weekly sample of respondents to provide more frequent statistical validity, and the ability to segment results on a frequent basis.

Sample sizes can be boosted on demand within hours in order to monitor a specific issue with greater frequency and higher statistical validity (e.g. when launching a campaign).

In each market, Caliber monitors a number of companies on a regular basis, outside of its monitoring of clients and subscribers and their respective benchmarks. The results of this syndicated tracking are made available to our clients on the dashboard free of charge on a global-sector or national-index basis.

The companies are selected based on their size and inclusion in a country’s stock market index when it comes to the national-index monitoring, or their market share when it comes to the global-sector monitoring. The company lists for syndicated tracking are validated and adjusted on a regular basis.

Yes. We know that respondents have a higher chance of recognizing an organization correctly when seeing its logo rather than its name alone.

We therefore show both logos and names in the questionnaire, consequently increasing the likelihood of respondents being familiar with the organizations they are asked to rate. This reduces the risk of misinterpretations and raises the quality of the collected data.

Yes, we have an API interface built into the brand and reputation platform. Our clients and subscribers can receive a live data feed, store it in their own databases and visualize it through their own internal dashboards or Business Intelligence tools.

Since our platform consists of our own proprietary survey, analytics, and visualization software – it is fully flexible and can be customized to a company’s specific needs in terms of the questionnaire used, resulting metrics, target audience and stakeholder segments, functionalities, interface and visualization. Such customization work is scoped and priced on a case-by-case basis.

Caliber’s platform typically monitors perceptions among the informed general public, and more specific target groups are then identified as sub-groups based on their socio-demographic or professional profiles, or based on custom relevant segmentation criteria agreed with the client.

We also target specialized and hard-to-reach stakeholder groups on demand, either through specialized panels or by adding our clients’ own stakeholder lists to the pool of respondents.

The results gathered through Caliber’s platform are based on a demographically representative sample of the target audience, and respondents need to be sufficiently familiar with the company that they rate.

We do not apply any filters, weights, adjustment factors or other manipulation to the data we collect, so as to avoid harming the data’s integrity. Data is typically collected on a 1-7 Likert scale and is then re-scaled to a 0-100 range for easier comparability. This creates metrics that are clear, transparent and representative of the target audience.

More advanced analytics are conducted periodically, for example to identify drivers and correlations.

Data quality is a product of several factors, such as sample size (number of interviews), panel quality, respondent recruitment and selection process, questionnaire length and structure, formulation of specific questions, online questionnaire interface (user-friendliness) and timing.

Caliber’s rigorous quality assurance process considers all these factors to provide our clients with valid data that helps them make informed decisions. The results gathered via the corporate reputation platform are constantly validated with available empirical evidence and clients’ own studies.

A growing share of online surveys are accessed through mobile devices these days, making this an important question.

Our platform includes our own proprietary questionnaire module that is fully mobile-friendly. In addition, the questionnaire itself is structured in a way that makes it easy (and fun) to fill out using a mobile phone.

This allows us to reach certain stakeholder groups – such as young people, professionals, respondents without an office, and others – that would otherwise be hard to engage in a survey.

Yes, the Caliber platform presents a flexible interface that can visualize other data sources, such as results from other information providers (e.g. media coverage, online sentiment, customer satisfaction etc.) or clients’ own studies.

This enables users to access multiple data in one integrated dashboard giving a better overview, saving time, and increasing actionability.

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