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Meet and exceed the rising expectations of your stakeholders by embracing the power of real-time perception data.

Reputation challenges in Health, Pharma & MedTech

The industry continues to struggle with the public’s frustration over drug price increases, the opioid epidemic, and unfair competition. It is also getting more difficult to attract R&D investments and convince people that healthcare companies are working in their best interest.

Failures in patient safety


Legal and regulatory compliance

Access to medicine

The health sector is exposed to a wide range of reputation risks – but also opportunities for greater advocacy. Failure to understand stakeholder perceptions leads to a loss of trust and support among those buying, prescribing and regulating medicine, hurting companies’ license to operate.

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We enable decision-makers like you to overcome reputational challenges and seize opportunities with the power of real-time stakeholder perception data. Whether it’s patients, healthcare professionals, payers or the public at large – find out what people really want and act accordingly.

Build trust

Reputable healthcare organizations enjoy greater stakeholder advocacy. A strong reputation can help you keep and attract new patients, advocates and employees.

Measure the impact

Determine if your stakeholders are on the same page with your marketing and communication strategies - and how certain events impact their perceptions of your company.

Focus efforts and resources

Identify the business areas that need more attention in order to remain relevant to stakeholders and competitive with other industry players.

Attract talent

Navigate the healthcare industry talent shortage by gaining valuable real-time insights into how your organization is perceived among existing and potential employees.

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