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About Demant

Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group established in 1904. The Group offers innovative technologies, solutions, and know-how to help improve people’s health and hearing. Headquartered in Denmark, the Group employs approx. 18,500 people globally and is present with solutions in 130 countries.


Start Date: Jan 2019
Geographic coverage: Domestic
Weekly sample: Low

Demant’s transition, challenges and goals

In 2019, William Demant Holding A/S changed its name to Demant A/S and launched a new brand strategy to support collaboration across the Group and increase the sense of belonging to a global parent company with a long history and foundation ownership. At the same time the Oticon Foundation was renamed William Demant Foundation.

Initially, Demant needed to understand the impact of the rebranding on stakeholder perceptions. However, Real-Time tracking was also used for overall activity optimization and also for crisis management, as the company was faced with a ransomware cyberattack in late 2019.  

Demant needed to get insights on stakeholder perceptions related to three areas:


Understand how the launch of the new name and new brand strategy affected the company's reputation.

Crisis management

Take informed decisions with regards to crisis management – more specifically in the case of the ransomware attack.

Validate management decisions

Use dynamic data points to assess the impact of management decisions in the context of challenging communications.

Our solution

Measuring levels of “awareness” and “familiarity” to track resonance of new brand

In the wake of launching the new brand name and strategy, there was a lot of uncertainty about how this change might affect brand perceptions and awareness.

Based on historical data and a comparison of awareness and familiarity parameters, Demant was able to determine the impact of its corporate re-brand on brand recognition across different segments in the public and among its target audiences, and identify the activities or occurrences that helped boost stakeholder familiarity with the new name.

Monitoring sentiment changes after a crisis, react with agility and back up decisions with data

Demant used Caliber's Real-Time Tracker to capture stakeholder reactions to a significant and high-profile ransomware attack on the company’s IT infrastructure.

The tracker helped steer and confirm the company’s communication decisions undertaken throughout the incident to inform stakeholders and mitigate the situation.

Informing corporate communications activities through regular use of the dashboard

The tracker is used continuously to plan communication activities, decide on priority topics and help make informed and actionable decisions.

By using the dashboard on a weekly basis, the quality of corporate communication has improved and management decisions are now aligned with factual data insights.

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