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ROCKWOOL Group is a world leader in stone wool solutions covering building insulation, and industrial and technical insulation with production facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

ROCKWOOL’s ambition is to contribute to shaping a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency, and nurturing the safety, health, and well-being of those who make and use their products. Headquartered in Denmark, the Group employs approx. 12,000 people globally and is present with solutions in more than 120 countries.


Start date: Jun 2019
Geographic coverage: International
Sample: Low

ROCKWOOL’s challenges and goals

For a long time, the globally active building materials company ROCKWOOL struggled with a low awareness level among the general public. 

To counteract this they wanted to continuously expand brand awareness on a global scale and push brand familiarity in the key markets to raise the profile and visibility of the ROCKWOOL brand. Therefore they were in need to establish a consistent measurement approach both globally and locally. 

The company was particularly interested in these areas:

Improving internal alignment

To improve internal alignment on communication priorities and activities.

Understanding public sentiment

To find an efficient way to track changes in perceptions of target audiences, to inform ongoing activities and respond to unforeseen events.

Easy, frequent reporting

To report internally on brand and reputation insights on a frequent basis, in a simple and effective way.

Our solution

Optimize communication and reputation activities among different departments

ROCKWOOL uses Caliber’s reputation tool to prioritize topics and messages across markets and segments. The tool helps ROCKWOOL to identify and agree on relevant KPIs for different departments, as well as to plan activities and measure their success.

Analyze the impact of flagship activities with Quick Polls

The Caliber platform allows users to deploy quick-polls and sample boosts to gain deeper stakeholder insights in periods of unforeseen external events, or when the company carries out flagship campaigns or sponsorship events.

Analyses conducted by Caliber based on these quick-polls have helped to assess the impact of specific initiatives and external events, and tweak activities accordingly.

Save time and ensure standardization with automated reporting

By implementing automated quarterly and annual reports for all markets, ROCKWOOL is able to share, align, and report the reputational insights, both upward and sideways throughout the organization. Reports include relevant KPIs and targets that can be exported in a preferred view for regular and consistent KPI reporting, supporting global alignment across marketing and communications.

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