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We track more than a thousand companies across different industries on a daily basis to help businesses make better-informed decisions.

Which industries is
Caliber relevant for?

Caliber is uniquely designed for decision-makers in businesses that operate in regulated or scrutinized industries. Our team has extensive experience working with clients in such industries, in both the B2B and B2C space, and we regularly customize trackers for companies across these and other sectors.


Uncover how perception tracking enables banks, insurance companies and FinTech players to connect with their audiences and mitigate reputation risk.


Find out how Caliber can help companies in the energy sector - from Oil & Gas to Electricity and Renewables - understand their reputational challenges in an industry that is transforming from black to green.


Learn how Caliber can help decision-makers in the manufacturing sector to better understand and meet the ever-changing expectations of their stakeholders.

Other B2B sectors

Be it chemicals, construction, IT or other providers of ingredients and business services - start leveraging reputation data in a relevant way to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.


Discover how Pharma, MedTech and other healthcare companies can benefit from reputation tracking, and ensure that the resources are focused on the right areas.

Other B2C sectors

Are you an FMCG, automotive, or telecom company? Or perhaps in retail, consumer electronics or tech? Either way you can gain valuable insights into how customers and stakeholders view your business.

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How can corporate decision-makers use Caliber’s industry expertise?

People working with corporate communications, reputation management, and corporate branding need rigorous data to prove the effectiveness of their activities.

Manage risks

Prioritize actions

Justify decisions

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