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Manage stakeholder perceptions in the energy industry

Focus on accelerating growth in the Oil & Gas, Electricity and Renewables sectors by knowing what your stakeholders expect from your organization and the industry at large. 

Reputation challenges in the energy sectors

Strong demand, increasing costs, and transformation from black to green energy – serious challenges are impacting the reputation of the industry.

Clean energy transformation

Climate targets

Economic developments

Supply & demand

Environmental impact

Price pressures

Compliance with regulations

Geopolitical tensions

Energy providers that fail to adequately address the above challenges are not only vulnerable to backlash from stakeholders but may also experience enduring reputation damage.

Take a proactive approach to reputation management

We enable decision-makers to tackle reputation challenges by harnessing the power of stakeholder perception data. Know how your brand is perceived and respond accordingly in real time.

Address stakeholder concerns

Address current concerns and stay ahead of the curve by knowing what truly matters to your stakeholders today and in the future.

Gain an edge

Compare perceptions of your company with perceptions of your benchmarks to identify opportunities to improve your competitive edge and gain stakeholder trust.

Shape your reputational future

Use real-time insights to build and adapt your stakeholder engagment strategy and shape your role as a change agent for the energy sector.

Evaluate the impact

Measure the success of your marketing, PR, and other business activities before, during, and after relevant events - and compare results over time to optimize your initiatives.

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