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About Nestlé

Nestlé is a multinational food and drinks processing conglomerate headquartered in Switzerland. Nestlé’s portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category – offering products and services for all stages of life, including brands such as Pellegrino, Lion, KitKat, Nespresso, Nestea, and Mövenpick. 

The diversified brand portfolio and international operations require listening to a variety of stakeholders and understanding their needs to fuel growth through continuous innovation, sustainability and leadership.


Start date: Aug 2020
Geographic coverage: Domestic
Weekly sample: Medium

Nestlé’s challenges and goals

As a Nordic office of a global FMCG firm, Nestlé Denmark has a marketing-centric operation which focuses on consumer needs, with lesser attention to other audiences. 


As such, the Nordic branch lacked insights on how stakeholders perceive it as a corporate brand, and what it would take to become a preferred partner, employer and consumer goods manufacturer.

Deeper understanding of consumer groups

To gain a deeper understanding of different consumer groups and find out if some groups need to be targeted differently or with a greater focus.

Understanding impact of ESG on key audiences

To identify the impact of ESG-related initiatives and communications on the opinions of relevant talent, opinion leaders and other key audiences.

Improving targeted communication

To improve targeted communication and make it more informed, also in light of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to strengthen and protect the company’s reputation.

Our solution

Continuous and transparent insight sharing

Through insights gained from Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker and supporting advisory services, Nestlé was able to enrich the company’s internal knowledge about their customers and overall stakeholder universe. Caliber’s online dashboard enabled the company to access data directly, in real time, for easy access and shareability between different departments and internal users.

Learnings were used by HR, sales and marketing, which has helped improve internal knowledge on stakeholder perceptions on a continuous basis, and has allowed Nestlé to use new findings on stakeholder perceptions to identify opportunities and develop new ideas.

Perception segmentation across target audiences

The possibility for stakeholder segmentation in the online dashboard gave Nestlé the possibility to view results across different key demographics, such as occupation, gender, age, and income. Segmentation has helped Nestlé to identify consumer and non-commercial stakeholder segments that required attention.

Additionally, the ability to filter results by communication channels allowed Nestlé to assess the effectiveness of various engagement initiatives across digital and traditional channels.

Agility through continuous real-time insights

The daily collection of stakeholder insights and the real-time representation of results in the online dashboard enabled Nestlé to react quickly to changing stakeholder sentiment, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic when perceptions and reputation drivers - towards Nestlé and the FMCG sector in general - were changing rapidly.

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