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Real-time reputation monitoring for the financial services industry

Inform operations and strategies with stakeholder perception data to stay competitive in the global business environment.

Reputation challenges in financial services

In today’s fast-paced world, even small mishaps can turn into a crisis in just minutes, and no financial institution is safe from the scrutiny of its stakeholders.

Cyber attacks

Executive misconduct

Bribery & corruption

Public interest lobbies

Data privacy

Diversity & inclusion

When managing reputation risks, having proactive defense mechanisms is crucial to delivering on the business strategy.

Protect your company’s reputation and brand

Caliber’s tracking platform enables communicators to identify changes in stakeholder expectations and detect potential reputation risks in real time.

Perceptions are reality - manage them

Use Caliber’s stakeholder insights to understand and improve the perceptions of your company over time.

Assess changes over time

Get regular, actionable insights into the reputation of your company and brand, and measure how it’s changing based on actions taken.

Listen to the stakeholders that matter most

Tap into varied stakeholder perceptions and take early action on evolving expectations.

Recalibrate the strategy

Embrace the power of automated reputation tracking and use stakeholder data to inform adjustments to your business strategy and resource allocation.

Global Financial Services Reputation Report 2023

Get more insights about how the “bad boy” of the reputational class continues its rehabilitation.

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