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Real-time reputation insights for the manufacturing industry

Improve your company’s reputation by developing a deep understanding of the sector and its stakeholders, and use the insights to make effective decisions.

Reputation challenges in Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Industry often involves high-profile clients and big-ticket contracts. The complexity involved in heavy industry and B2B manufacturing means that many companies are vulnerable to potential issues arising from every part of the supply chain, as well as the fast-evolving expectations from customers, government and the general public.

Product safety



Intellectual property

Supply chain interruptions

Third party vendors

Labour concerns

Environmental impact

Manufacturers must proactively manage these issues to avoid significant commercial and reputational damage, and win competitive advantage.

Influence how your business is perceived

Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker empowers manufacturers to stay updated on stakeholder perceptions – not just when a crisis occurs, but continuously – by measuring perceptions in real time.

Protect company & shareholder value

Understand perceptions on relevant issues to protect your company’s reputation by planning your response ahead of time.

Lower third-party risk

Monitor the perceptions of your suppliers and third-party vendors to prevent conflict or seize opportunities that could impact your reputation.

Monitor campaigns that impact the corporate brand

Measure the impact of your marketing and business activities in real time with Caliber’s fully customizable tracker.

Put your business into context

Benchmark your corporate reputation data against your competitors and the industry, and use the insights to inform your long-term business strategies.

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