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ESG Perception Tracking – why does it matter and how can Caliber help?

ESG Perception Tracking – why does it matter and how can Caliber help? Caliber sets a new standard for ESG perception tracking to help companies close the gap between actions and perceptions. ESG Perception Tracking is becoming more and more relevant as companies are under increasing pressure to address and report on their environmental, social, […]

ESG strategy: drive positive change with perception tracking

ESG takes center stage in corporate decision-making The ESG landscape is constantly evolving. The latest topics on ESG profoundly impact the world around us, requiring an increased focus on putting in place an ESG strategy. From the growing urgency of addressing climate change to the rising demand for more equitable and diverse workplaces, ESG issues […]

Global Pharma: Most Trusted & Liked brands in 2023

The rise of the Global Pharma industry – why do perceptions and brand reputation matter today more than ever? In today’s global market, the global pharma industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of people across the globe.  Due to factors like aging population, increase in chronic diseases and diabetes, advancements […]

Big Tech Reputation is on a decline. What went wrong?

Big Tech Feature Image

The reputation and perceptions of Big Tech have changed a lot in the past year. Have a look at how things have shifted for the industry. For decades, Silicon Valley darlings like Google, Apple, and Facebook have set the gold standard for tech sector success – not only in a financial sense but also as […]

Stakeholders – the ultimate guide to defining who matters to you and why

Defining your stakeholders At the broadest definition of the term, stakeholders are those individuals or groups that have a vested interest in a company’s business performance, and without whose support the company would cease to exist. In the past decades, the delimitation of what constitutes a stakeholder has been erased. Any company operating in today’s […]

Do people still find you attractive?

Changing expectations from workplaces raises the bar for UK employers when it comes to attracting and retaining talented employees. At Caliber, we track the reputation of the top UK FTSE companies on an ongoing basis. In the past year, we have seen a significant negative impact on the percentage of people saying they want to […]

Are Corporate Reactions to the Ukraine War Still Impacting Reputation?

The war in Ukraine has now been going on for more than 100 days with all it entails in terms of humanitarian disaster, geopolitical conflicts, energy crisis, and a looming global financial downturn.  People across the world are feeling the impact of the war and are looking to both governments and companies to act and […]

Is Big Tech losing our trust?

Our recent report on Big Tech suggests that the global sector enjoys an average level of trust among stakeholders – mainly due to being frontrunners on innovation.  However, concerns about ethical practices, especially related to data privacy, are impacting public trust towards most large technology companies. Recent events have led to added scrutiny and political action and […]

Energy prices are soaring – are energy companies suffering the blame?

Energy prices in Europe have been on a sharp incline in the past months as the market reacts to an unprecedented low supply of energy. The reasons for recent price hikes can mostly be considered “force majeure” for energy distributors, however, in a market that appears complex and highly opaque to the regular consumer, the […]

How Novo Nordisk improved its patient engagement

As a global healthcare company with more than 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is known for driving change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. Among other things, this requires a sharp focus on patients and their needs – an area in which Novo Nordisk leads the way. Caliber has […]