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Global Financial Services Reputation Report 2023

Our latest report is a snapshot of how the global financial services sector is perceived.

Based on interviews with over 10,000 people, the report reveals what’s driving – or damaging – the reputation of the sector today.

It also contains many actionable insights that can increase stakeholder trust, boost your brand, and drive long-term success.

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Download the Global Financial Services Reputation Report today to discover these insights:

Which sector of the global financial services industry is the most trusted – and which is the least?

How familiar are people with the largest brands in the global banking industry?

Who’s more likely to prefer fintech products and services – and why?

How likely are people to choose to work for global financial services companies – and why?

How likely are customers to switch their bank or insurance provider in the next 12 months – and what’s driving that churn?

Why should financial institutions start prioritizing customer-centric practices and societal responsibility today?

Get exclusive insights into the reputation of the Global Financial Services sector

Discover the true state of your brand's reputation today