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A boost in the financial industry’s reputation after the 2023 crisis

The financial industry manages to maintain stability in public perceptions, but some audiences turn critical. In March 2023, three midsized US banks failed, triggering a sharp decline in global bank stock prices and a swift response by regulators to prevent potential global contagion.  The turmoil has led to the seizure of Silicon Valley Bank and […]

Automotive Industry under pressure in 2023

In 2022, the Automotive industry faced various challenges such as recalls, component shortages, price hikes, and environmental concerns. In order to keep up with the changing expectations of young consumers, automakers must undergo a transformation to provide cutting-edge technology and a switch to electric vehicles. Unfortunately, current data shows only 3 out of 10 young […]

DAX 40 – looking back at 2022

2022 was a difficult year for companies in the DAX 40 Index. The Russia-Ukraine war, inflation, and individual brand struggles have had an effect on nearly every industry and company.  Find out if stakeholders are on the same page with brands in regard to how they’ve handled crises by reading the perception brief. Fill out the […]

Did Adidas make the right decision by breaking up with Kanye West?

There’s nothing quite as fragile as a corporate reputation. In a world where news travels faster than light, brands are expected to take a stand and act immediately when a crisis occurs. Adidas was accused of being slow to react to Kanye’s outbursts. Did it affect the brand’s reputation? Find out in the brief. Fill out […]

Global Pharma Perception Brief

Take a closer look at the diversity and inclusion trends within the Global Pharma Sector in 2022.  This report is based on thousands of evaluations around the world, where Caliber tracks the perceptions of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  Fill out the form below to download the brief