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Traditional methods of corporate reputation monitoring have limited validity, since they only follow people who are vocal online – or use traditional market research which is costly and infrequent. Our approach is different: we focus on people, not media. And not just those who are loud, but those who actually matter.

Our analytics platform uses online surveys to provide easy-to-use real-time perception metrics that are representative and actionable. Our specialists work with clients to translate insights into strategies, decisions and actions. As a result, Corporate Communications and Marketing departments can plan activities better, measure their effectiveness, report KPIs and manage risks.


It’s no longer complicated and time-consuming to set up a corporate reputation analysis program – and you no longer have to wait months for results. Our solution is quick and easy to deploy, and results are available in real time. You’ll be up and running in no-time.


In our case, speed does not come at the expense of quality. That’s because our people are specialists in corporate reputation management and stakeholder insights. Our technology and metrics are complemented by strategic advice.


Reputation trackers tend to be prohibitively expensive, especially for international companies. We’ve automated the process of collecting, analyzing and visualizing data, and maximized economies of scale – so cost is no longer a barrier.

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