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Listen to stakeholders. Build trust.

Stop guessing what people think of your business. Get truly actionable intelligence about your brand and reputation with Caliber, the world’s only real-time stakeholder tracker.

What are the main benefits of using Caliber?

Agile and accurate corporate reputation management and measurement

Continuously measure perceptions among your relevant stakeholders and get notified of significant changes in your corporate brand and reputation scores. Capitalize on opportunities, manage risks and prevent setbacks, informed by real-time data.

Identify impact of internal and external events on corporate brand reputation

Want to know how your last communication campaign impacted customer, talent or opinion-leader perceptions? Or need help navigating through a crisis? With Caliber you can connect real-life events with the impact on perceptions, to improve the effectiveness of your activities.

Benchmark your brand reputation data against your competitors

Put your business in context and compare your brand reputation data not only with competitors but also against global sectors and national indices. Then, use the insights to perform better in a crisis, attract talent and develop long-term strategies.

ESG - close the gap between actions and perceptions

Find out how much stakeholders know about your ESG activities, what resonates with them, and what they expect. Align reality and perceptions to improve how your ESG performance is communicated to relevant audiences.

Get access to experts in brand and corporate reputation management

Work with Caliber’s specialists to translate stakeholder insights into relevant business strategies, decisions, and actions. We offer periodic reports, workshops, ad-hoc advice and bespoke consultancy with one simple goal in mind – to help you build a trusted business.

Manage your corporate brand reputation with flexibility and efficiency

Not only is our platform fully customizable to meet your needs, it’s also compatible with other tools and metrics you already use. Integrate perception data with media monitoring, get live data feeds into your internal BI tool, share data seamlessly with your colleagues or access historical data to learn how to boost your company’s reputation.

Telecoms - Global Reputation Report 2024

Our latest report shines a light on the Telecom sector — and shows the current reputation of its biggest companies.

How does Caliber differ from other corporate reputation management solutions?

Periodic research

Lacks immediacy

Social media listening

Lacks accuracy

What you get with Caliber

Real-time tracking

Actionable insights

Broad stakeholder universe

Automated daily online interviews with relevant stakeholders provide timely and accurate brand & reputation data that inform corporate communication and stakeholder engagement activities – to optimize impact and mitigate crises.

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Interviews conducted so far, with thousands more added every day​.
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Companies monitored worldwide, including the largest players across all sectors.
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Countries in which we track perceptions of different companies and industries​.

Brand reputation management for companies in every industry

Health sector

One of the world’s largest hearing healthcare companies used Caliber’s tracker to better navigate through cyberattack crisis and re-branding.

Manufacturing sector

A world leader in stone wool manufacturing was determined to raise awareness of its products in different markets and used Caliber to measure the effectiveness of their activities.

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