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Gain an edge with Caliber's ESG Perception Tracker

Caliber’s ESG Perception Tracker is an integral component of our Brand & Reputation Real-Time Tracker – a powerful tool that empowers companies to gauge stakeholder sentiment, drive meaningful engagement, and make informed decisions.

Harness the power of data:
gain insights, adapt strategies, and drive real impact

Caliber’s ESG Tracker enables you to unleash the full ESG potential by converting automated stakeholder surveys into strategic insights in real-time.

Data collection via automated surveys

Conduct surveys among your most valued target audiences, whether it's the informed public, investors, employees, talent, or other stakeholder groups.

Visualisation and Dashboard

View the data in an intuitive online dashboard with powerful segmentation features. Monitor real-time developments of stakeholder perceptions to understand the impact of your activities, campaigns, and external events.

Smart analysis and metrics

Employ a smart algorithm to analyze survey responses instantly. Evaluate perceptions across the 18 different attributes, including the three ESG dimensions.

Ongoing monitoring and adaptation

Continuously monitor perceptions, boost sample sizes on demand for more frequent and statistically-valid monitoring, and adjust the company lists for robust syndicated tracking.

Powerful ESG Perception Insights for decision-makers

Enhance stakeholder engagement and trust

Build stronger relationships with stakeholders by demonstrating your commitment to ESG. Caliber’s ESG Perception Tracker helps you understand how the public perceives your ESG efforts, enabling you to tailor communication, engage meaningfully, and foster trust and transparency.

Identify blind spots and discover opportunities for improvement

Gain a competitive edge by identifying blind spots, enhancing your strategy, and addressing stakeholder concerns in the journey toward meeting your brand’s Environmental, Social, and Governance goals.

Empower strategic decisions with actionable insights

Use real-time ESG perception data and analytics to identify trends, assess risks, and make informed choices that can positively impact your organization’s sustainability efforts and results.

Measure and demonstrate the impact of your ESG strategy

Streamline the process of tracking and benchmarking your ESG performance with simplified data collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling you to measure your progress, compare against industry peers, and demonstrate continuous improvement in your ESG practices.

Interviews conducted so far, with thousands more added every day​.
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Companies monitored worldwide, including the largest players across all sectors.
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Caliber tracks much more than ESG perceptions

Our corporate reputation monitoring platform enables you to have a 360° view of your brand’s reputation.

Measure stakeholder perceptions of your Offering, Leadership, Integrity, Relevance and so much more. 

See how your Trust & Like Score develops over time, tag your events and activities, and learn how they may impact stakeholder behaviour.

18 reputation attributes

Combine Brand, Reputation and ESG metrics with the Trust & Like Score, and see what impact they have on stakeholder behaviour.

Powerful segmentation

Zoom into dozens of geographic, demographic and firmographic factors for detailed insights into your key stakeholder groups. 

Customized solution

Add custom attributes to Caliber’s model and start measuring what matters most to your business in real time.

Smart stakeholder intelligence platform for decision-makers

Get real-time visibility into how your ESG efforts are perceived and use the data to build better communication strategies.