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Switzerland SMI20 ESG Ranking​ 2023

SMI20 ESG Perception Ranking Discover which of the SMI20 companies in Switzerland are perceived as leaders in Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts. The 2023 YTD results are based on approx. 8,000 evaluations representing the Swiss population  between November 2022 and April 2023. To get the SMI20 ESG ranking, submit the form below 0 M+ Interviews […]

2022 Results: Switzerland SMI20 ranking

Geberit kicks off 2023 as the best-perceived company in Switzerland! Our recent study proves that corporate efforts toward setting new standards for product quality, sustainability, and employee well-being do not go unnoticed. The brand’s strong focus on continuously improving people’s quality of life with innovative sanitary products, while also considering ecological, social, and economic sustainability factors, is well […]

DAX 40 & CH SMI 20 – a mid-year status

As the first half of 2022 ends, we wanted to take the reputational stock of the DAX 40 and CH SMI 20 indices. Both indices were among those hit hardest by a downturn in public perceptions in the first quarter of the year, and both recovered in the second quarter. This article looks at the […]