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About KMD

KMD is a Danish company that develops IT solutions for the public and private sectors, which are designed to meet every aspect of the changing digital needs of modern societies and organizations. 

In 2019, KMD became part of the NEC Group. They now aim to provide cutting-edge public digital transformation solutions globally, by leveraging their technologies and expertise in the area. 


Start date: May 2017
Geographic coverage: Domestic
Weekly sample: High

KMD’s challenges and goals

From 2015 to 2017, KMD has been harshly criticized by some of its largest clients as they blamed the company for failing to deliver on agreed IT solutions.

Clients like the Danish Ministry of Taxation, Danish pension fund ATP, Danish Supermarket chain Coop and several Danish municipalities all expressed severe dissatisfaction, resulting in public and political scrutiny, canceled orders and a rapidly declining reputation.

In 2019, KMD became a part of NEC Group, a Japanese IT conglomerate, which marked the beginning of a new era for KMD, as they aimed to benefit from global expertise and advanced technologies to deliver improved solutions for the future.

From the early days of its reputation crisis, and through its acquisition by NEC, KMD needed to identify a stakeholder measurement setup that could deliver on three areas:

Track perceptions to inform recovery efforts

Inform recovery efforts from its reputational crisis and follow the progress over time to optimize stakeholder engagement activities, and confirm that the company is on the right track.

Understand KMD/NEC association impact on reputation

Compare reputational development between KMD and its acquirer NEC to support brand architecture decisions and inform discussions around endorsement levels over time.

Balance quality and price

Find a solution with a great balance between quality of data and price.

Our solution

Understand and strengthen KMD’s brand image based on data

Access to day-to-day knowledge helped KMD make informed decisions without purely guessing or listening to gut feelings. With the help of Real-Time Tracker, KMD managed to identify triggers for reputational improvements and successfully returned to its pre-crisis reputation levels within less than two years.

The online dashboard helped to present data insights in an intuitive and user-friendly way so KMD users could easily read, interpret and activate the data points.

Track the impact of business strategies

As KMD’s vision is to become the preferred Nordic provider of business-critical software solutions, a solid and stable reputation is of strategic importance.

To understand and proactively work on improving the reputation, data insights were shared with the board of directors to understand the impact of business strategies and to support decision-making on strategic communication. The continuous nature of the tool allowed the company to assess the effectiveness of some of its key initiatives, like a high-profile sports sponsorship, and change its budget allocations accordingly - providing a clear ROI.

Customized solution and expert guidance

KMD's solution was customized to suit their needs as a B2B software provider targeting specific private and public sectors. The online dashboard and data reporting provided useful tools to navigate and digest stakeholder data - with a tailored setup fit for KMD.

In addition, the company chose to include Caliber’s reputation experts to assist with building a corporate reputation strategy and plan its activities. This is something which can be added to the service package for all our clients.

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