Global Pharma Study 2020

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A few months ago we set out to find the “state of the pharma sector”: we started interviewing thousands of people around the world about their perceptions of the largest pharma companies, in an attempt to find out how reputations are impacted by the continuing regulatory pressures and global debates around sustainability and access to medicine.

During this process, the Coronavirus crisis hit the world stage, impacting the sector dramatically – with clear consequences on its reputation. This allowed us to capture the winds of change blowing in the healthcare landscape these days, and how they affect consumers’ and physicians’ attitudes to the sector and its main players.

  • How are public perceptions of the sector evolving around the world?

  • Which are the most and least reputable pharma companies?

  • How do perceptions vary across countries, generations and segments?

  • What are the differences between global and local pharma companies?

  • What was the impact of COVID-19 on the sector’s reputation?

  • What should pharma companies do to improve their image?

  • How important are topics like innovation, sustainability and access to medicine?

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Huadong Medicine
Hypera Pharma
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