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Mining, Metals and Minerals – Global Reputation Report 2023

Our latest report shines a light on the Mining, Metals and Minerals sector — and shows the current reputation of the sector’s biggest companies.

Our report also includes a special focus on the US, an analysis of the survey results and a sobering assessment of the reputational risks facing the Mining, Metals and Minerals sector today.

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Based on a survey of almost 40,000 respondents in 13 countries, the report also reveals:

How do perceptions of the MMM companies vary across different regions?

How familiar people are with the biggest companies in the sector?

How stakeholder perceptions of the sector have changed in the past five years?

What are the overall perceptions of the sector — from Innovation to ESG, Offering to Leadership?

What are the key reputational risks endangering the companies in the MMM sector?

Do people think the sector needs to be more — or less — regulated?

Stay informed about the latest reputational trends in the Mining, Metals and Minerals sectors

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