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Compare your brand and reputation across different countries with Map View

With Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker, it has long been possible to measure your company’s brand and reputation in multiple countries. The results are available in real time and accessible through the user-friendly online dashboard.

We are now introducing the new Map View feature based on Google Maps that allows for visual comparison of scores across countries, as well as drilling down into key indicators.

Upon log-in, the first tab users now see is the Map View which gives an instant summary of the company’s Trust & Like Score across countries. It is here also possible to further drill down into results by selecting the desired country, age, gender, region, or segment (professional background) filters, just like you are used to doing in the Dashboard View. You can also choose different time periods.

You can use your mouse or the + and – icons to change the zoom level and either get an overview of additional countries (zoom out) or see more details for your band and reputation scores for each country while still being able to compare geographically and view score changes from previous periods.

We believe that this new feature will help our clients gain a quick and convenient overview of their brand and reputation internationally and further increase the value they get from Caliber’s brand and reputation platform on a daily basis.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can sign up for a free trial of Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker here.

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