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Why Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker is the Reputation Monitoring Tool of Tomorrow 

Reputations take years to build but seconds to ruin, which is why every business should be on red alert for reputational risks.  

In the age of polycrisis, you never know when the proverbial will hit the fan — or why. 

Why, then, do so many companies continue to rely on outdated tools to track their brand and reputation?  

Why do so many businesses insist on doing expensive and time-consuming traditional market research, only to end up with outdated insights?  

Why do so many marketing and comms departments still swear by old-fashioned technologies such as annual brand trackers or the pseudoscience of social media “listening” or “sentiment analysis”?  

Here’s the harsh truth that communicators need to hear. 

These tools are no longer fit for purpose.  

Some provide an incomplete picture of a company’s brand. 

Others hark back to a bygone age of reputation monitoring — and are like using a steam iron, a rotary phone or a hot-air balloon. 

We believe Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker is the stakeholder perception tool of tomorrow — and here are ten reasons why. 

1. Real-time insights

Calibers Real-Time Tracker gives marketing and communications teams real-time data, equipping them with up-to-date information about what relevant stakeholders think and how theyre likely to behave.

Unlike traditional methods such as market research, which is gathered periodically and whose insights soon go stale, Calibers Real-Time Tracker offers continuous insights and actionable data allowing companies to respond rapidly to changing stakeholder sentiments. 

2. Complete picture of stakeholders

Unlike social media monitoring tools that often amplify the voices of the loudest individuals in the room” — including those looking to drive clicks, likes, and other forms of engagement, typically for their own motive, benefit or profit Calibers Real-Time Tracker provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of stakeholder perceptions.

By analyzing a diverse range of voices and behaviors, communication specialists gain a nuanced understanding of what relevant stakeholders truly think and how theyre likely to behave. 

3. Actionable data

Calibers Real-Time Tracker provides data that allows companies to make decisions in real timeand ones that are informed by whats happening right now, not what happened weeks or months ago.

Unlike market research thats commissioned on a monthly, quarterly or annual basismeaning its easily outdatedCaliber provides timely insights that can drive actionable strategies and initiatives. 

4. Segmentation capabilities

With Calibers Real-Time Tracker, marketing and communications specialists can “slice and dice” their entire stakeholder universe, gaining unique insights into various demographic groupsaccording to, say, age, sex or ethnicity territories and markets, and even political leanings.

They can explore opinions based on people’s occupation, influence level or channel of interaction with the company.

This precise and customizable segmentation means companies can easily craft narratives and tailor brand, marketing and communications strategies to resonate with different audiences. 

5. Integration of internal and external factors

Calibers Real-Time Tracker allows marketing and communications teams to overlay both internal activities (such as market expansion, product launches, campaigns and leadership changes) and external events (such as trade shows, competitor news or current affairs) on the chronological development of their brand and reputation.

This ongoing, holistic view can help companies pinpoint whats driving or dragging down their reputation, and provide actionable data that can further inform their strategic communications. 

6. Customizable surveys and polls

Companies can use Calibers Real-Time Tracker to conduct quick polls, augmenting and customizing their standard questions for stakeholders to gather even more actionable insights and better understand the impact of particular events.

This flexibility helps companies craft more targeted communications campaigns and provides a deeper understanding of stakeholder perceptions. 

7. Demonstration of ROI

By pinpointing the impact of their marketing and communications activities on their companys reputation, Calibers Real-Time Tracker enables communicators to demonstrate the return on investment in their team.

This data-driven approach strengthens the strategic value of their efforts within the entire organization, especially at the C-suite level. 

8. Early-warning system

Calibers Real-Time Tracker helps communications teams identify potential reputational risks in specific territories or markets or among particular demographic groups in response to certain events or activities.

This proactive approach enables timely intervention, such as the early deployment of crisis mitigation strategies. 

9. Crisis response and strategy testing

Similarly, communication specialists can use Calibers Real-Time Tracker to test the efficacy of their crisis response messaging and communication strategies.

By monitoring stakeholder reactions in real-time, companies can decide whether to pivot and refine their strategies, as needed, to manage crises effectively. 

10. Integrating brand, reputation and ESG

Just as marketing and communications teams no longer use hot-air balloons or rotary phones, they shouldn’t settle for outdated brand and reputation monitoring methods.

They need real-time data, stakeholder segmentation, and actionable insights. Its time to embrace Caliber — the true future of reputation management.