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This non-profit foundation focuses on promoting research within medicine and life sciences. One of its main projects aims to raise the popularity of and improve the teaching conditions for science subjects in Danish schools.

We worked with the foundation on this project and, through analyzing the needs of science teachers, we helped them better understand what drives popularity and engagement in science subjects, what barriers exist to making the teaching process more involving and motivating, and what assistance they require.

The results were analyzed using background information available about the teachers involved in the study, allowing Caliber to come up with some revealing insights about the structuring of the teaching processes and the availability of resources across schools.

These insights led to concrete recommendations on how the foundation’s activities could positively impact the popularity, children’s engagement, and overall success of science subjects.

The insights were immediately utilized by the foundation in their decision-making around the project’s implementation and stakeholder engagement.

Caliber did a great job of generating new and relevant insights from what we believed was a well-researched and well-addressed area. The results of the project are laying the foundation for our long-term strategy around this particular project.

Head of Communication and Stakeholder Relations