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TDC Group

With over 130 years of history and more than 8,000 employees, TDC Group is the leading communication and entertainment provider in Denmark. With a strong company and a strong Brand, TDC felt the need to better articulate its ‘reason for being’ – and thereby connect its activities across marketing, CSR, communications and HR under one umbrella.

>We reviewed the company’s plethora of stakeholder insights, and spent time with key departments and people within TDC to get to know its culture and strategy better. We then distilled this knowledge, and worked with senior management to translate it into a clear, compelling and differentiated Brand Purpose.

”Bringing people closer together” reflects what TDC has always been, and always will be, about: shortening distances between people, communities and companies, whether it is through the company’s technology, infrastructure and services – or through its long-term involvement in Danish society.

The new Purpose that was adopted in early 2016 is helping the company re-engage its staff and transform its culture – as well as tell a clearer and more effective story that spans its various activities.

Shahar and his team did an excellent job navigating us through a complex process with many internal stakeholders and a large amount of input and data – resulting in a strong outcome that won the support of both management and staff, and provided the company with a great tool for alignment, inspiration and advocacy.

Jens Aaløse
Group CCO & Stakeholder Relations, TDC

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