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Sweden OMX S30 ESG Ranking​ 2023

OMX S30 ESG Perception Ranking Discover which OMX S30 companies in Sweden are perceived as leaders in Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts. The 2023 YTD results are based on approx. 24,000 evaluations representing the Swedish population  between November 2022 and April 2023. To get the OMX S30 ESG ranking, submit the form below 0 M+ […]

2022 Results: Sweden OMX S30 ranking

Shout out to Volvo for being the best-perceived company in Sweden, according to our 2022 study! Closely followed by Essity, Electrolux, Autoliv, and SKF– these are the brands, which the Swedish population Trusts&Likes the most! Despite the success of some of the largest brands in Sweden, the overall public perceptions of the companies in the OMX S30 index declined in 2022. […]

2021 results: Sweden OMX S30

Stockholm View

Trust in business in Sweden has been in flux throughout 2021. COVID-19 still cast a shadow over the public’s perception of companies and their ability to overcome the pandemic and return to a normal state. While the average Trust & Like Score (TLS) compared to 2020 improved for the index, the trend in TLS in […]

Swedish uniqueness in tackling Covid-19 is also reflected in the reputational impact

Most Swedish companies maintained their reputation throughout the crisis – with a few notable exceptions and an unexpected polarization of opinions in society. It would come as no surprise that as a company that preaches the importance of real-time tracking of corporate reputation – we’ve been closely following global developments in recent weeks. We were, […]