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Germany DAX40 ESG Ranking​ 2023

DAX40 ESG Perception Ranking Discover which of the DAX40 companies in Germany are perceived as leaders in Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts. The 2023 YTD results are based on approx. 12,000 evaluations representing the German population  between November 2022 and April 2023. To get the DAX40 ESG ranking, submit the form below 0 M+ Interviews […]

2022 Results: Germany DAX40 ranking

The overall reputation for the index improves, but almost half of the DAX40 companies see their scores decline in 2022. Adidas has remained in the NR1 position throughout the year, which proves that the brand took the right decisions when dealing with crises, such as pulling out of Russia early in March and quitting the long-term Yeezy partnership, […]

DAX 40 – looking back at 2022

2022 was a difficult year for companies in the DAX 40 Index. The Russia-Ukraine war, inflation, and individual brand struggles have had an effect on nearly every industry and company.  Find out if stakeholders are on the same page with brands in regard to how they’ve handled crises by reading the perception brief. Fill out the […]

Did Adidas make the right decision by breaking up with Kanye West?

There’s nothing quite as fragile as a corporate reputation. In a world where news travels faster than light, brands are expected to take a stand and act immediately when a crisis occurs. Adidas was accused of being slow to react to Kanye’s outbursts. Did it affect the brand’s reputation? Find out in the brief. Fill out […]

DAX 40 & CH SMI 20 – a mid-year status

As the first half of 2022 ends, we wanted to take the reputational stock of the DAX 40 and CH SMI 20 indices. Both indices were among those hit hardest by a downturn in public perceptions in the first quarter of the year, and both recovered in the second quarter. This article looks at the […]

2021 results: Germany DAX 40 index

Germany DAX40

The DAX 40 index underwent a major change in 2021, as it expanded from DAX 30 to DAX 40, adding 11 new companies to the index. The expansion means that 94 percent of the value of listed companies in Germany are represented in the DAX 40 index, and as a result, the index can now be considered […]

Adidas is Germany’s favorite DAX30 company

Adidas tops the DAX30 list of most trusted and liked companies in Germany. VW and Deutsche Bank are still at the bottom, while Daimler’s reputation drops dramatically. If asked to name some German companies, which names would people mention? Many would probably start with car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen, possibly followed by Europe’s […]