When numbers meet actions

Generating corporate reputation metrics is one thing. Translating them into relevant business insights, strategies, decisions and actions – that is another thing altogether. Our specialists work closely with our clients through strategic consulting, periodic workshop, ad-hoc advice and bespoke projects to interpret stakeholder data and insights – and help them plan resulting activities that help achieve the desired business objective: build a trusted business that secures loyalty, engagement and advocacy from relevant stakeholders.

Who are we?

Caliber was founded in 2016 by former directors from Reputation Institute who share a strong belief:

In today’s world – with increasing stakeholder expectations and diminishing differentiation and trust – a new, more integrated approach is required to help companies stand out and secure legitimacy and success.

As experts in technology, corporate branding, reputation management and stakeholder insights – we integrate strategic consulting with digital tools to build better businesses: ones that enjoy the preference and advocacy of people around them.

Given the importance of the quality and speed of information in today’s dynamic business environment, our online solutions provide real-time data that supports quick decision-making in a user-friendly and affordable way.

Go ahead – pick our brains


It may sound counter-intuitive, but we like to make our clients less dependent on us. So we train them: on using our platform, interpreting results and converting metrics and insights into actions and decisions.


When metrics need to be shared and explained internally – help is at hand. We create easy-to-read summaries for internal distribution and presentation to support decision-making and activation.


We trust our clients to know what’s best for their business, but we know they appreciate a little help along the way. In our workshops we discuss insight interpretation and activation to maximize the value they get.


Having the ultimate responsibility for your company’s reputation can feel lonely! We’re always a phone call or meeting away, ready to lend our expertise and render advice on strategic and tactical matters.

The Caliber Team

Dario Menezes

Latin America

Henrik Stavnsgaard


Julia Lehner

Customer Success Manager

Loren-Christopher Schneid

North America

Mari Epland


Nadia Siegler

United Kingdom

Olga Potapenko

Product Manager

Oliver Damsbjerg

Junior Software Developer

Shahar Silbershatz


Svetla Filcheva

Senior Customer Success Manager

Søren Holm

Senior Advisor

Travis Elkins

Senior Software Developer

Vladimir Verchinine


Yasmina Dahmouni


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