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About Nets

Nets Group is a leading provider of digital payment services across Europe. The company operates a deeply entrenched network that connects merchants, financial institutions, corporate customers and consumers, enabling them to make and receive digital payments.

Today Nets is part of Nexi Group, the European PayTech leader.


Start Date: March 2018
Geographic coverage: Domestic
Weekly sample: Medium

Nets challenges and goals

In 2018, Nets was taken private by the consortium Hellman & Friedman, after the company had been listed for a brief 18-month period on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The outgoing management of the company profited greatly from selling their shares of Nets to the new owners, which resulted in negative public perceptions of Nets in its home market of Denmark.


Understanding the need to repair the corporate reputation and prepare for an upcoming period of expansion into new European markets, and under a new ownership, the company overhauled its organizational structure and management team.

Considering the many changes in the organization and with a new strategy, the company needed to better understand and continuously track stakeholder perceptions as they progressed with their ambitious plans.

On this new journey, Nets needed a reputation monitoring tool to:

Track perceptions in real-time

Gain insights on how reputation differs across markets at any given time, and identify the main perception triggers.

Understand the reputational position

Benchmark against other companies, both direct competitors and aspirational benchmarks, as well as the financial services and technology sectors, to see how Nets performed on a comparative basis.

Improve data actionability

Replace static quarterly reports with ongoing, real-time data insights to improve actionability.

Our solution

Real-time, multi-device access

Thanks to Caliber’s policy of unlimited free licenses and multi-platform 24/7 access, Real-Time Tracker helped Nets’ employees all over the world increase their knowledge of stakeholder perceptions, and gave them the possibility to react quickly to changes in the reputation score.

This meant that reputation insights at Nets could be shared across the company, across markets, and across departments at all times - boosting transparency and collaboration between departments, which was important to Nets. In addition, users at Nets can be alerted to significant changes via system alerts and email notifications.

Benchmark against competitors and industry

Through benchmarking against relevant sectors and competing brands and companies, Nets can see how their reputation differs across markets and track the impact of activities.
Adding custom questions to the standard model furthermore allows the company to get additional insights on specific segments and audiences to see how they compare - as well as on the resonance of the company’s purpose and its corporate narrative themes.

Replace quarterly reports with a real-time tracker

As a company historically owned by the country’s banks and part-owned by the state, Nets has had to contend with much scrutiny over the years. Real-Time Tracker has made it better equipped to respond to reputational crises, for example when the company faced a public backlash over its management incentive program, by allowing it to analyze such developments as they happen, and identify which audiences and types of perception are mostly affected.

This has allowed Nets to effectively recover from several such situations through tailored, fact-based and well-informed mitigation activities.

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