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About Henkel

Henkel is a global leader in both industrial and consumer businesses.

Founded in 1876, it has a diverse team of over 50,000 employees worldwide, driven by a strong corporate culture and a shared purpose.

Its business units —Adhesive Technologies and Consumer Brands — excel in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, as well as hair care, and laundry & home care. Key brands include Loctite, Schwarzkopf, and Persil.

In FY 2022, Henkel reported sales of over €22 bn and an adjusted operating profit of around €2.3 bn.

Sustainability is an integral part of the business – backed by a clear strategy and targets.


Start date: January 2022
Geographic coverage: International
Weekly sample: High


At Henkel, the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs team’s mission is to strengthen and protect Henkel’s corporate brand and reputation. Following an integrated communications approach, communication is built on a clear strategy & targets, is tailored to stakeholders, and measured holistically by its output, outcome, and impact.

The Henkel team implemented real-time corporate reputation measurement in January 2022 to support their data-driven approach and track corporate brand perception and stakeholder intent. The reputation measurement set-up includes custom company KPIs that reflect the company strategy and its strategic messaging.

Henkel's reputation-monitoring goals

Measuring the company’s corporate reputation in real-time and benchmarking against competitors in key markets.

Measuring the reputational impact of communications activities based on Corporate Communications’ strategic messaging, complementing the team’s holistic measurement framework.

Fostering data-driven communications, enabling faster & informed decision-making and ultimately future-proofing communications.

Our solution

Determine the impact of both corporate and product communication

The Real-Time Tracker (RTT) provides Henkel with two critical benefits in terms of differentiating the impact of corporate and product communication.

First, it incorporates various events into the reputation analysis, allowing Henkel to interpret changes in corporate perception beyond the direct effects of its communications.

Second, it categorizes respondents according to touchpoints, which enables a reputation score analysis based on brand engagement methods.

Distribution and sharing of RTT data with internal stakeholder

The RTT enables Henkel to collaborate and share data with internal stakeholders and use reliable data to get valuable insights into brand perception and behavior-related KPIs. This allows Henkel to identify areas for improvement and to strengthen its corporate brand.

Foster a proactive and informed decision-making culture through data

Armed with the right data — and informed by real-time insights — Henkel fostered a faster, more strategic and proactive decision-making culture. By using RTT, Henkel also transformed internal processes, improving how the global Corporate Communications team worked with data on a daily basis.

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