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Global Energy Reputation Report 2023

From increasing household bills to concerns about energy security, the past couple of years have challenged the energy sector’s stakeholders, especially their consumers. 

Our 2023 Global Energy Reputation Report is a snapshot of how perceptions of the sector have changed – and what it means for the brand and reputation of the world’s biggest energy companies, as well as their communication strategies and sustainability initiatives.

Global Energy Reputation Report
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Download the Global Energy Reputation Report today to discover these insights:

Which companies in the global energy sector are the most trusted – and which are the least?

How familiar are people with the largest brands in the global energy sector?

Who’s more likely to prefer oil & gas products and services – and why?

How likely are people to work for companies in the global energy sector?

According to the respondents – who’s more responsible for tackling the climate change?

Why should energy companies tailor their communications to different audiences?

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