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A global digital agency

As a result of a merger between five different digital, design, and technology agencies worldwide, this global digital agency needed a compelling narrative that could authentically reflect its combined competencies and clearly differentiate it from other digital agencies.

The work encompassed an examination of its history and that of its legacy agencies, as well as a review of its strategy for future growth.

Through conversations with key executives in the company and an audit of its position in the competitive landscape of digital marketing services, we distilled the firm’s unique assets and challenges and worked with senior management to arrive at a brand strategy that could reflect the true nature of the combined entity in an inspiring way.

The new strategy included a new vision, mission, and values that positioned the agency as a specialist in digital experience platforms that help clients achieve real impact by moving at the speed of digital innovation and always staying ahead.

The new brand strategy and its elements were well received by the company’s employees. They are helping the company accelerate its journey to form an integrated global agency with committed talent and a clear and distinctive position in the marketplace.

“Shahar helped us to arrive at the core of our brand and a clear definition of how our company creates value for our customers and employees. The process was both structured and enjoyable, and it resulted in a direction that brought unity and clarity to the company.”

Group CEO

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