The Energy industry is going through turbulent times – but opportunities emerge

It comes as no surprise that Energy is not one of the most trusted and liked sectors, but as we compiled this report on the global sector’s reputation – based on our daily monitoring of public perceptions worldwide – we realized how volatile the sector’s reputation actually is.

 From the negative impact of the pandemic throughout 2020, to the dramatic impact of unique events like the oil price-war and the Suez Canal incident.

This volatility is not necessarily a bad thing. It suggests that perceptions are not set in stone but are still being shaped. 

With a further revelation that perceptions are in fact relatively positive among NGOs, and that digital channels prove particularly effective, it seems the industry has more power to shape its reputational future than some may believe.

Download the 2021 Energy Industry report

    The report – based on more than 9,000 interviews in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, UK and USA – has revealed many more interesting insights: for example, it shows that Electricity companies differ from Oil & Gas companies by having stronger employer brands and being perceived as more responsible. 

    It also shows that perceptions of the energy sector seem to improve with income and deteriorate with age, which raises some interesting questions about how perceptions evolve across demographic segments.

    What’s perhaps most interesting are the findings around people’s top-of-mind concerns when it comes to the energy sector – and what they themselves are willing to do about them. Here we find that while overall climate change is the top concern, as to be expected, in some countries (for example France, Japan and USA) practical issues around price and reliability take precedence. 

    We also found that many people, especially older ones, are not willing to undertake a serious effort to change their own lifestyle and behavior in order to save energy, and instead expect companies and governments to do most of the work. These findings highlight the challenge of the industry in meeting expectations and living up to its perceived responsibility.

    We hope you enjoy reading this report and look forward to hearing your feedback!