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Caliber and Airbus fly high at awards ceremony

We won four awards at last night’s DataComms ceremony in London – all four for our work with global aerospace company Airbus.

We’re very proud of this, of course – but because it’s also a great example of what we do and why forward-thinking companies like Airbus increasingly want to work with us – we wanted to unpack it a bit. 

So, let’s start with Airbus.

As it looks “to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world”, the company now has a purpose-driven strategy – one with more focus on its broader societal responsibility.

To track the impact of that strategy – and to get actionable insights about how people perceive it – its data-savvy communications team turned to Caliber.

Why? Because our Real-Time Tracker gives Airbus continuous data about its stakeholders. In fact, it provides Airbus with constantly updated stakeholder perception data across 11 customized markets – all on one easy-to-use, visually appealing dashboard.

The Real-Time Tracker also allows Airbus to filter the data by target audience, compare data points and benchmark its performance, and cross-reference the development of stakeholder perceptions with media coverage and information about company events and campaigns.

The upshot? Airbus has since been able to gauge the reputational impact of its announcements, events, and media coverage – priceless information for its forward-thinking strategists and decision-makers.

Another upshot? Our work for Airbus duly won four DataComms awards – gold for “Best use of data to assist reputation management”, “Best visualization of data”, and “Best data insight from global communications activity (ongoing)”, and silver for “Most innovative use of data”.

Chocks away!

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