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Henkel and Caliber at Kommunikations Kongress

Caliber shares stage with Henkel at top German conference

Caliber attended Germany’s biggest communications conference last month, appearing with customer Henkel to discuss why companies should track stakeholders in real time.

The annual Kommunikationskongress took place in Berlin on 14–15 September.

Caliber’s CEO Shahar Silbershatz spoke alongside Rabea Laakmann, Head of Corporate Branding & Communications Strategy at Henkel, in a session called “Connecting the Dots to Manage Global Reputation Effectively”.

Shahar explained how Caliber gives clients what they truly want – actionable insights.

“You don’t get actionability through annual or quarterly reputation metrics,” he said. “Over the years, we've learned it's not about asking more questions in the survey, it's not about running more analytics on the data you get from the survey, and it's not about using more consultants to interpret it. It's about continuity – continuity of accurate, relevant, and representative data.”

Shahar Silbershatz, CEO & Co-founder, Caliber Tweet

He also revealed how Caliber’s Real-Time Tracker plugs the actionability gap. “It primarily allows communication departments to make the connection between what they do and the impact it has on the company’s commercial success,” he explained.

Rabea Laakmann discussed how data-driven comms has helped Henkel strengthen its position in the market but began by explaining why the company turned to Caliber.

“What impact were we actually achieving with our communications? What did stakeholders think about us as a company?” she said. “We didn’t have the answers, and it was a bit of a missing piece for us in our data-driven journey.”

She also revealed that one of the reasons for choosing Caliber was being able to “plug your own comms strategy topics into the Caliber dashboard”.

“You have the wonderful data you can benchmark against competitors, and you have your own set of topics you can include in the survey, where you can really say, ‘OK, we’re on the right track’ – or, ‘We need to steer it differently’,” she explained.

The entire 30-minute conference session, “Connecting the Dots to Manage Global Reputation Effectively”, can be viewed for free below.

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