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3 big benefits of tracking stakeholder perceptions

A stakeholder tracking platform might just be your secret weapon in today’s fast-paced, economically challenging times.

Customers who are holding on to their hard-earned dollars will use it only for companies with a solid, untarnished reputation.

Moreover, suppliers are increasingly concerned about the public perceptions of the companies they do business with, and a strong reputation attracts both quality suppliers and employees to help secure the business competencies needed in a changing world.

92% of CEO’s deem reputation data to be critical for decision-making, but less than one-quarter actually receive such data

Real-time brand and reputation metrics help today’s top corporate professionals understand the impacts of both corporate activities and external events to plan better, measure ROI,  report KPIs, and mitigate risk. Even though 92% of CEOs deem reputation data to be critical for decision-making, less than one-quarter actually receive such data.

The more effectively your organization manages stakeholder perceptions, the greater the chances of gaining trust and affection among members of your target market.

Caliber’s stakeholder tracking platform monitors corporate reputation in real-time through daily online surveys in multiple countries to provide an accurate analysis of what your stakeholders really think about you, your competitors, and your industry worldwide.

Our up-to-the-minute insights deliver intuitive and actionable metrics, itemizing your company’s strongest drivers of reputation while outlining which areas need improvement to increase supportive behavior across stakeholder groups and demographic segments. 

Benefits of a stakeholder tracking platform

Here is an outline of some of the top benefits your organization can gain from a real-time stakeholder tracking platform:

1. Measuring success

The number one challenge to corporate communication professionals is the difficulty in measuring the impact of corporate actions and justifying budgets to top management. 

The use of a reputation management platform allows corporate professionals to continuously monitor perceptions across markets and stakeholders to help measure development and impact.

Prove the effectiveness of media channels, campaigns, and messaging to justify decision-making, maximize return on investment, and outperform the competition with Caliber Real-Time Tracker.

2. Navigating the media

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the headlines and swept away by the waves of tweets in a Twitter storm. A reputation management platform becomes an essential lighthouse to safely navigate the storm.

Most reputation management solutions focus on social listening which is limited in statistical validity and not typically representative of a company’s stakeholder universe, since they only focus on those who are vocal online, whereas other more traditional methods utilize costly and infrequent market research that quickly becomes outdated and unactionable.

Caliber Real-Time Tracker utilizes verified survey panels that are both representative and actionable, allowing users to break down data based on demographics and professional profiles, as well as hard-to-reach specialized stakeholder groups, to unravel the true reputational impact across all relevant stakeholders.

A multi-stakeholder approach and solid reputation management solution can help organizations better see the forest for the tweets. 

3. Breaking down silos

Organizational silos within a business hinder both communication and collaboration, which can lead to inefficiencies, disenfranchised employees, and broken customer experiences. Reputation data helps to align corporate functions, allowing business units to make faster, data-based decisions, improve product offerings, and communicate better than ever before.

With unlimited licenses and perception insights that are relevant to a variety of internal stakeholders – from Group level to BUs and Markets – Caliber Real-Time Tracker makes it easy and simple for all members of an organization to stay aligned and up-to-date.

Everyone from the ground up to board members and CEOs can access relevant reputation metrics anytime, anywhere. Marketing and communications leaders can better safeguard their corporate brand and reputation.

CSR and Strategy executives can get relevant input to inform their activities and assess their effectiveness. Done correctly, a reputation management platform can even be used to complement your content management solution

HR leaders can better measure employer attractiveness and the factors that drive it. Decisions and investments across an entire organization can be aligned with stakeholder values.

After all, the most reputable companies have a purpose that appeals to society, not just to their customers and shareholders. 

Real opinions, real people

Caliber Real-Time Tracker delivers real-time results so corporate decision-makers can make faster, informed data-driven decisions that boost revenue, save costs, and achieve support across stakeholder groups as well as top management.

The reputation of your company is the gold hidden in your vault of public interaction right now. Build on it to engage your existing customers while winning over new ones. Leverage it to eliminate fake news or mitigate negative perceptions that may hurt your business.

The best way to do this is through a reputation management platform that focuses on the real opinions of real people in real-time.

Are you curious to find out how your company can benefit from real-time tracking?

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