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2023 – the year in corporate reputation in 6 charts

Regular readers know we love graphics, so we’re rounding out the year with six charts that reveal something thought-provoking about corporate reputation in 2023.

Our report on the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry shows perceptions of the sector have improved thanks to its rapid rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Our report on the reputation of the global financial services sector reveals declining support for both banks and insurance companies since 2021.

Our snapshot of X, formerly known as Twitter, reveals scant awareness of – and plummeting support for – Elon Musk’s controversial platform.

Our report on the reputation of the global energy sector reveals big differences in perceptions of companies in the electricity and oil & gas industries.

Our report on the global mining, metals and minerals sector reveals widespread support for greater regulation of the industry.

Our quick poll of perceptions of the Big Three automakers during the UAW labor strike shows support evaporating for all three – but for Stellantis in particular.