If you believe that your organization’s reputation and the value of your brand are some of your most important drivers of success – then you have come to the right place.

Organizations that are driven by a unique purpose and which act with integrity win the trust and affection of their stakeholders – from employees, customers and shareholders to policy-makers, media and society at large. We call that having strong Character, and staying true to it over time leads to tangible and intangible value.

This is what we help our clients do.

Identify and articulate a socially-relevant purpose for the organization - a core ideology that reflects the meeting point between the organization’s DNA and the needs of the world around it
Identify, prioritize and mitigate potential risks to your company’s reputation through monitoring preceptions and building the company’s readiness
Monitor your company’s and competitors’ Reputation and Brand, and keep track of stakeholder expectations and perceptions towards your business and your industry.
Develop programs and mechanisms to shape the company’s culture in line with its strategy, and encourage behavior that lives up to its promise and purpose
Prioritize stakeholder groups based on their importance and relevance to the company’s performance and reputation – and develop clear and consistent engagement plans
Define your company’s ”manifesto” – in the form of its vision, mission and values, or in another form that suits your company – but most importantly in a way that is compelling, differentiated and relevant to all stakeholders



Companies that are driven by a unique purpose and act with integrity win the trust and affection of their stakeholders
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We apply a holistic methodology where Brand and Reputation are viewed as integrated drivers of trust and affection
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Our work improves our clients’ commercial performance and intangible equity by creating stakeholder-informed, purpose-driven entities that win people’s trust and affection and therefore benefit from their preference and advocacy
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TOP 100

Find out who are the most trusted and liked companies according to our ranking, and read more about our learnings from tracking public perceptions on a daily basis
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