We help companies navigate a world in which the role of business is changing dramatically


Caliber was founded in 2016 by former directors from Reputation Institute who share a strong belief: in today’s world – with increasing stakeholder expectations and diminishing differentiation and trust – a new, more integrated approach is required to help companies stand out and secure both success and respect.

This calls for aligning efforts in areas ranging from brand strategy, CSR and corporate strategy, to public affairs, product development and people management. It also calls for consultancies that understand how to harness the power of digital technologies, and which can work across departments like Marketing, HR and Communications to support these efforts.

We therefore bring together skills in the areas of technology, corporate branding, reputation management and stakeholder insights that allow us to help our clients on this journey.

We mix strategic advice and stakeholder insight provided through digital and consultative solutions that build better businesses: ones that enjoy the preference and advocacy of people around them, and are therefore more successful.

Most importantly, we realize the importance of the quality and speed of information in today’s fast-paced and transparent business environment. Accordingly, our online solutions provide real-time data that supports quick decision-making in a user-friendly and cost-effective way.


Shahar Silbershatz
Vladimir Verchinine
Head of Insights and Innovation
Ran Segoli



Our Philosophy

Company Character is where brand, reputation and behavior converge.

Companies that are driven by a unique purpose and act with integrity win the trust and affection of their stakeholders – from employees, customers and shareholders to policy-makers, media and society at large. We call that having strong character and to stay true to it over time leads to tangible and intangible value.

This is what we help our clients do.

The purpose of our work is to help organizations articulate and demonstrate a unique and relevant Corporate Character, and stay true to it over time to win the trust and affection of all their stakeholders, thereby improving preference, advocacy and performance.

Click here to read more about Corporate Character on the Arthur W Page Society website.

Our Approach

Our methodology and associated analytical model stem from our belief, based on many years of research in this field, that the emotional bond between people and organizations – the trust and affection they feel for them – is what drives their decision to engage with the organization or advocate on its behalf.

In a sense, this is not surprising as it resembles what drives people’s behavior towards other people – i.e. the extent to which they like and trust them. However, in the case of companies this bond is the result of people’s rational perceptions of the organization – what we call its “reputation” – as well as their attitudinal perceptions, referred to as “brand”. These perceptions are formed through people’s own experiences with the organization, or from what they hear, see or read about it.

Our studies show that by achieving positive perceptions of the key reputation dimensions, companies secure their “license to operate” and improve consideration. By achieving positive attitudes around the key brand dimensions, companies increase people’s desire to engage with them and secure preference. A successful combination of consideration and preference leads to engagement, loyalty and advocacy.

Accordingly, we apply a holistic methodology where brand and reputation are viewed as integrated drivers of trust and affection, which in turn drive stakeholders’ preference and advocacy. These elements are broken down into relevant dimensions allowing for more granular and action-oriented analysis.



Your Benefits

Our work improves our clients’ commercial performance and intangible equity by creating stakeholder-informed, purpose-driven entities that win people’s trust and affection and therefore benefit from their preference and advocacy.

More specifically, we offer:

  • An approach that brings clarity and unity to the company’s direction to create internal alignment and external understanding – leading to loyalty, differentiation and advocacy

  • Integrated brand and reputation frameworks to create a holistic view of the company’s internal identity and external persona

  • Actionable analysis that is applied as management and decision tools across Marketing, HR, Communications and beyond

  • Unique online stakeholder monitoring solutions that are cost-effective, timely and easily accessible across digital platforms

  • More than 30 years of advisory experience for leading national and global organizations and applying brand and reputation thought leadership to improve perceptions and performance