Find out whether your company is indeed trusted and liked


We believe that companies that are driven by a unique purpose and act with integrity build a strong Corporate Character – which wins the trust and affection of their stakeholders, and secures the company’s long-term legitimacy and success. There is strong evidence that trust and affection drive people’s loyalty and preference towards a company – their desire to buy the company’s products and services, recommend the company to others, invest in it, work for it, or otherwise engage with the company or advocate on its behalf. That is why we measure a company’s perceived character by assessing the extent to which it is trusted and liked by its stakeholders.

We measure public perceptions of some of the most prominent companies around the world on a daily basis as part of our syndicated research, and use the results to better understand what kind of activities and events affect people’s perceptions, how these perceptions change over time, and what the ultimate impact is on the business. This allows us to advise our clients more effectively on how to activate stakeholder insights when planning activities, reacting to events and working on integrating their Corporate Character across the business.
We also publish Top 100 rankings consisting of companies that are deemed prominent in their markets based on criteria such as turnover, number of employees, familiarity among the general public, market share etc.

For more information on our syndicated research, real-time tracking service and Top 100 rankings you can contact Shahar Silbershatz.