Your key metrics combined in one platform

Who needs Caliber’s platform?

People working with corporate communications, reputation management and branding need a rigorous fact-base to prove effectiveness of activities, manage risks, prioritize actions and justify decisions. Our platform provides real-time metrics that help users understand the impact of the company’s activities and external events on people’s perceptions – which means they can spend their budgets more wisely. It also provides them with KPIs to report internally, allowing for more effective management and greater credibility in front of senior management.

How does Caliber’s platform work?

The platform automatically surveys hundreds of people across multiple countries on a daily basis through a digital questionnaire distributed online. We collect their responses relating to key perceptions and attitudes about the companies that subscribe to our platform, and about their selected benchmarks. The results are instantly analyzed using an algorithm that produces easy-to-understand metrics, which become available on the online dashboard. Subscribers can then view how these scores develop in real time as a result of the actions taken by the company or its competitors, or as a reaction to external events that influence the company or its industry.

What are the advantages of Caliber’s platform?

We provide an easy-to-use tool for tracking the company’s brand and reputation to guide decisions within communications and marketing:

  • One dashboard that shows the impact of activities and events
  • Fully automated and digitalized process
  • Actionable insights that come at a fraction of competitors’ cost
  • Clear metrics that provide a strong fact-base for planning
  • Simple and user-friendly interface accessible 24/7 across devices

We will get you started

Managing brand and reputation in real time is easier than you think!

Shahar Silbershatz
CEO & Advisor, Caliber

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