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The Ultimate Corporate Reputation Monitoring Platform


4 reasons your current Reputation Monitoring solution isn’t helping you to make a real difference

Low frequency of data

Relying solely on annual or quarterly measurements does not provide the immediacy required to make an impact.

You need agile and actionable stakeholder perception data collected continuously and at high frequency in order to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

Lack of customization​

Being able to pivot and adapt as needed over time – in terms of metrics, segments, and geographies is what enables you to respond quickly to changing stakeholder needs.

To reach the holy grail of actionability you need a reputation monitoring tool that can be modified over time to collect data that matters most to your business.

It's not compatible​

Without the ability to import data from other reputation monitoring sources to visualize correlations or tag your own events and activities, it becomes difficult to determine the factors influencing stakeholder perceptions.

This lack of integration can impede resource utilization, decrease chances of success, and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Poor data quality​

Delayed or outdated data may not reflect the true picture of the situation and periodic surveys may miss important events or changes, leading to less accurate results and potentially poor decision-making.

Low survey response rates or high abandonment rates can result in unreliable data, potentially leading to incorrect conclusions and poor decision-making.

Smart stakeholder intelligence platform for decision-makers

How is Caliber different from other
Reputation Monitoring solutions?


  • Actionability comes from continuity and high frequency
  • Assess impact and mitigate risks before they become a crisis
  • Immediate setup, instantaneous changes, and quick polls for ad-hoc analysis

Flexibility & Customization

  • Incorporate your own brand & reputation attributes into the model
  • Customize segmentation to reflect relevant audiences
  • Pivot and adapt as needed over time – in terms of metrics, segments and geographies

Integration Ready

  • Import data from other media monitoring sources to visualize correlations
  • Tag communications activities and events directly in the dashboard

Advanced data quality

  • Short LOI to reduce fatigue and increase the quality
  • Daily surveying is more accurate than periodic and point-in-time
  • Real-time data reflects a true picture in a dynamic environment

All in 1 solution for Corporate Reputation Monitoring

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Stakeholder Perceptions

Find out how your brand is perceived among different stakeholder groups.
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Media Mentions

See how positive and negative media mentions impact your brand's reputation.
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ESG Perceptions​

See how positive and negative media mentions impact your brand's reputation.
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Custom Events & Campaigns

Measure the impact of your activities and marketing campaigns in real-time.​

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