Uk Top 20 Reputation Ranking

2019 Results: UK Top 20

As we embark on the beginning of a new decade, let’s look back at the major moments of 2019 and uncover what the year had in store for the UK Top 20 companies. From record-high temperatures to ...

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2019 results: Denmark Top 100

2019 has been a colorful year in Denmark. It started well with the national team securing the World Cup trophy in handball, and continued with the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s burst ...

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Denmark Top 100 Reputation Ranking - Q4 2019

Q4 2019 Results: Denmark Top 100

Trust levels hit new lows for Denmark’s Top 100 most prominent companies. Q4 2019 has come and gone and it seems even the holidays weren’t quite enough to warm up the hearts of the Danish public. ...

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Q3 2019 results: Denmark Top 100

Winter is coming, and trust levels in Denmark continue to fall for the third consecutive quarter. The average Trust & Like Score for Denmark’s Top 100 most prominent companies decreased more ...

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2019 Global Study - Public Perceptions of the Financial Services Industry

2019 Global Financial Study

Our new global study finds that banks have a chance to repair their reputation. Will they use it? The collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008 turned what was until ...

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Germany's most trusted and liked companies q2 2019

Q2 2019 Results: Germany DAX 30

As the flowers came to bloom here in Q2, temperatures may have risen but trust in Germany’s DAX 30 has fallen. It appears global trade tensions and political uncertainty have not only affected ...

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Q2 2019 Results: UK Top 20

As the first half of 2019 has passed, the weather is warming up but the average Trust & Like Score for the Top 20 companies in the UK is starting to cool down. At the beginning of the year, ...

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Denmark's Top 100 most trusted and liked companies Q2 2019

Q2 2019 results: Denmark Top 100

It has been an exciting second quarter to 2019 here in Denmark. From climate marches to electing a new government, a lot has happened over the past few months – and the same goes for Denmark’s ...

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Germany DAX 30 Reputation Ranking

Q1 2019 results: Germany DAX 30

Steady at the top Germany’s Q1 2019 reputation ranking results are in. After analyzing thousands of ratings, Siemens once again takes the title as the most trusted and liked company in the DAX 30 ...

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Q1 2019 results: Denmark Top 100

As Q1 2019 has come and gone, it’s that time of year when we rank the Top 100 Danish companies based on public perceptions. Each quarter we survey thousands of people across Denmark and calculate ...

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Q1 2019 Results: UK Top 20

It is not long ago that we published our latest post on UK Top 20 development. Things move fast and with the summer approaching it is about time to check how the companies started the year of ...

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2018 results: UK Top 20

At the beginning of 2018, Caliber started monitoring the 20 most known companies in the FTSE-100. We have now taken the opportunity to discover the most trusted and liked companies in the UK ...

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