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2022 Results: Germany DAX40 ranking

The overall reputation for the index improves, but almost half of the DAX40 companies see their scores decline in 2022.

Adidas has remained in the NR1 position throughout the year, which proves that the brand took the right decisions when dealing with crises, such as pulling out of Russia early in March and quitting the long-term Yeezy partnership, despite the financial impact these events may have caused.

The brand has proven to really “Own the Game” by putting its customers, employees, and other stakeholders at the heart of everything they do, while also increasingly amplifying its sustainability partnerships and initiatives.

The ranking also signals worrisome trends for companies like VonoviaDeutsche BankDeutsche BörseDeutsche Telekom, and BASF – all of them saw their reputation scores drop below average in 2022.

Download the full DAX40 ranking to find out how other companies in the index are doing at the start of 2023.

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