Development View

The Development View can be accessed either via the main menu:

or by clicking on a relevant metric in the Dashboard View:

The Development View allows users to view historical developments for the company and its benchmarks (if any).

The Development View provides information on the tracked company as well as several options that allow for the extraction of additional insights:

   1. Interval Selection Option
   2. Company Selection Option
   3. Elements Selection Option
   4. Filter Selection Option
   5. Chart Options
   6. Export
   7. Period Selection
   8. Donwload Option

1. Interval Selection Option

The Interval Selection Option allows users to choose the appropriate time frequency along which to aggregate the scores in the chart. Only one interval can be selected at a time.

The scores for each interval are calculated as follows:

WEEK Average of all responses gathered during the selected week.
MONTH Average of all responses gathered during the selected month.
QUARTER Average of the monthly results of the selected quarter.
YEAR Average of the monthly results of the selected year.

2. Company Selection Option

The Company Selection Option allows users to select which company to view in the Dashboard. It is also possible to add companies by clicking the “+” button or remove companies by clicking the “-” button. Once the “+” button is clicked, a list of the companies which are included in your subscription will appear. Tick the boxes next to the companies you wish to view, click “OK” and these companies will then appear under “Company” in the left-hand menu.

After adding the company it needs to be highlighted in order for its results to appear on the chart.

3. Elements Selection Option

The Elements Selection Options allows users to choose the appropriate indicators to view in the chart. Elements can be selected and de-selected in any combination and for as many companies as desired. These elements correspond to the Corporate Character model as explained in the Methodology section.

Please note that the line graph indicating the Trust & Like Score is thicker than all other lines, due to the role of this score as the main metric in the Corporate Character model.

4. Filter Selection Option

Through Filter Selection option it is possible to view the results in the Development for a specific demographic sub-group, professional segment, country or region. It is possible to select either one filter or a combination of several filters.

The more filters are applied, the lower the sample would be (the number of respondents upon which the results in the Development View are based). Consequently, the chart displayed may appear more volatile with scores swinging significantly from period to period. To avoid this, it is possible to increase the minimum Interval displayed on the Development View in the menu, as mentioned above.

COUNTRY Selects the country our countries to view the results for. If several countries are selected, results will be the average of these countries.
AGE Filters the results by the different age groups.
GENDER Filters the results by respondents’ gender.
REGION Filters the results by respondents’ area of residence. Note that the regions are country-specific, and results will only filter if the corresponding country is selected under the COUNTRY filter.
SEGMENT Filters the results by respondents’ professional background. This filter allows to break down the data by segments of the population that share a common characteristic (e.g. Medical/Health Care Professionals, Students, Senior Managers etc.).

5. Chart Options

VERTICAL ZOOM IN/OUT Switches between full (0-100) and zoomed-in view of the vertical axis.
SPINE Switches between sharp and smooth edges on the chart.

6. Export

The Export Option allows users to extract the chart being viewed in different formats to be used externally. The following formats are currently available:
    Picture: PNG, JPEG
    Adobe: PDF
    Vector Graphics: SVG
    Print chart: Sends visual snapshot of chart to print

7. Period Selection

As the default setting, the Development View presents results for the full time period for which data exists up until the most recent data collection.

By clicking and dragging the left and right period markers, users can zoom in on a specific period of interest within the full time period.

8. Download Option

The Download option enables downloading the data upon which the chart is based in CSV format to be opened by e.g. Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or similar program.